We need your ideas for the playground design, for funding and fund-raising, for getting this project off the page and into the park.  As we go forward, we’ll need people willing to donate their time and expertise in ways small and large. We’ll need folks who are willing to part with their pennies, and those who are willing to write the big checks.

The end result will be a park and playground our children can enjoy for years to come, a source of community pride, and one more reason why we love our neighborhood!


Giving your time can be one of the most rewarding ways to participate in a community project like this, and we need plenty of community volunteers to join us to make this project a reality. All you have to do is contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Amberlynn Frye amberlynn_frye@yahoo.com, and she will add you to our volunteer database and will get you involved right away!

If your volunteer request is more specific , perhaps you would prefer to contact the appropriate chairperson directly?  That is fine too!    See below for description of the various committees and responsible chair person.   Some of these are leadership roles and some are support roles. However you’d like to get involved is welcome! If you’d like to learn more about any of these opportunities, please contact the committee chairpeople, or send us an email info@lakemurrayplaygroundproject.org


Responsible for securing donations from individuals and local businesses. Committee will develop donor levels (Partner of the Park, etc.), amounts to ‘buy a piece of the playground’, solicitation letters and supporting materials. Research potential individual and local business donors and solicit donations. Will work with Steering Committee to develop long-term recognition and marketing opportunities.


Responsible for securing grants from philanthropic organizations. Committee will research available grants, prepare grant applications and supporting materials, tracking outstanding applications, finalize and secure grant funding.

Chair: Jennifer McEntee – jenmcentee@yahoo.com


Responsible for securing donations from major business and corporations with a local presence. Committee will research companies and donation processes, and develop solicitation letter and supporting materials. Team will also work with park supporters to determine if their employers offer matching grants

Chair: Available – please send an email to info@lakemurrayplaygroundproject.org if you are interested in leading this effort.


Responsible for developing fundraising opportunities through holding events and selling LMPP merchandise. Committee will develop plans for maximizing participation in community events (Springfest, 4th of July Music Fest, etc.), create LMPP-specific fundraising events, and develop a merchandise program (t-shirts, water bottles, etc.)

Chair: Tracy Canepa – tracycanepa@cox.net


Responsible for promoting the LMPP and its events, social media participation, creating marketing materials – flyers, brochures, banners, etc. – and maintaining this website. Experience with graphic design, marketing and media is very helpful!

Chair: Marilyn Olsonmarilynpkolson@gmail.com